Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Whole Family

Every year I start brainstorming about what to put in our stockings for Christmas. This year I decided I would do a blog post with all of the ideas I have come up with for the entire family. Please feel free to print this list off and put it in your purse. Take it with you when you go shopping and check off everyone on your list.

Small Children:

Small metal cars (Matchbox or Hot Wheels)
Goldfish Crackers
Bubble Bath (These Veggie Tales Bath Toys are awesome)
Small Bath Toys
Hair Bows
Christmas Ornament (THIS one is my favorite this year)
Small Stuffed Animal (HERE are some ideas)
Board Books (HERE are a few from
Sippy Cup

Older Children:

Small Monster Trucks
Dum-Dum Suckers
Colored Pencils (The Twistable Ones are my favorite)
Paint Set (I like THIS set)
Doll Accessories
Themed Socks (Avengers, Disney Princess, Elmo, etc.)
Christmas Ornament
Card Games (HERE are a few ideas)
Flash Light
Reusable Water Bottle
Glow Sticks
Beginning Reader Books

Teenage Children:

Devotional (HERE is one for Girls and HERE is one for Boys)
Fun Socks (colorful or themed)
Nail Polish
Hair Accessories
Christmas Ornament
ITunes Gift Card
CD's (HERE is a list of Christian music that I love)
DVD's (Depending on your family's taste and guidelines, this category may vary)


Devotional (I love THIS ONE for my husband this year)
Books on CD (HERE is a list of my favorites this year)
Favorite Candy
Christmas Ornament (I was thinking of getting THIS ONE for my husband this year)
Travel Coffee Mug (I love THIS ONE for my husband this year)


Chocolate (Of course!)
Coffee Mug (I am in love with THIS ONE)
Panera/Starbucks GC
Christmas Ornament (I want THIS ONE!)
Earrings (Who doesn't love ARROWS?)
Christmas CD (I just purchased THIS Pentatonix is the best!)
Devotional (I want THIS ONE...hint, hint)
Scarf (I am loving this beautiful red SCARF)

Now, I know there are a lot of links here but I love They have everything you need for Christmas and more. It is one-stop shopping and it is a Christian organization that I trust. Some of these items can be found pretty much anywhere but ordering online (or you can look up your local store on their website) is so easy.

I pray you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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