Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Bible Is My Best Friend (Sheila Walsh)

I just adore Sheila Walsh. I have several of her books and was so happy when I was chosen to review her newest addition “The Bible Is My Best Friend” (it is a companion flip book to her devotional by the same name). Family Christian has this available on their website.

This little flip-book can sit on a desk or nightstand or coffee table. It’s purpose is to get children to connect to God’s Word daily. There are scriptures, challenges, small devotions, riddles, and so much more. There are 365 days of new biblical things to learn. The bible has so much wisdom and God wants us to know everything about Him. The only way to know more about Him is to read the bible and dig into His word every day. Making the bible your “Best Friend” will help you to become closer to God.

My children have enjoyed flipping to the new page each day. I have three boys and their favorite thing is riddles. Every time I get to a riddle they laugh and laugh. This little book was written for children so that they can better understand God’s Word and make it a part of their daily lives. They can memorize scripture and challenge themselves to become better Christians.

I highly recommend this companion flip-book for anyone with children. No matter if your family already has a devotional that you read each day, this book will go along side it and get your to think about what God’s Word says. My family has really been entertained by this sweet resource as well as grown fond of reading each new days information.

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