Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spiritual Warfare For Your Family (Leighmann McCoy)

Leighmann McCoy's new book, Spiritual Warfare For You Family, has given me a lot of think about and pray about. I have seen spiritual attacks on my family, friends, and on the church. It is on the rise and Christians need to be prepared on how to handle and what the Bible says about it.

The enemy wants to hurt, kill, and destroy you and everyone you love. He lies, steals, and takes whatever he wants. Satan knows his time his short and he is trying to devour as many souls as he can. He starts with family. Tearing down the family unit tears down so much more in its wake. But, God's power is so much stronger than Satan's. God created Satan, so we know who wins in the end.

Leighmann McCoy gives practical advice and Biblical wisdom for protecting your family against Satan's attacks. This book will guide you in learning about how the enemy will attack your children and you will discover why you may be struggling to overcome then attacks from the enemy.

She gives sound ideas about how to develop offensive tactics to strike first through prayer and God's Word. When we give ourselves fully to God through prayer and reading the Bible, we find that we are already equipped to defeat Satan.

We are vulnerable to spiritual attacks because we are raising children, getting married, going to church, living for Christ. We must lean on God and His strength and wisdom. It is everlasting and enough. God has given us every tool and weapon to defeat Satan. The Bible contains all we need.

I am definitely witnessing more and more from Satan lately. He tries to get me down because of my chronic pain and illness. I find that when I give in to the pain, Satan laughs and feels empowered. Those times (which are more and more) when I go to the throne of God and ask for His mercy and strength and endurance, I feel free from the captivity of pain. This book has given me the courage to become more aware of the spiritual realm and the wisdom to know how to defeat the enemy's attacks.

*This book was given to me by Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

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