Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Eleventh (Presented by Feeln)

Feeln is a video streaming service that has become very popular. They offer Hallmark Hall of Fame features, Hollywood movies, TV series, and award-winning original series. Please check them out HERE for more information.

Their newest original series, The Eleventh, stars TV legends such as Florence Henderson, Ed Asner, and Cloris Leachman. There is also a newcomer, Ren Harris. I had the privilege of previewing the first episode.

A young teenage girl finds a letter that her late mother left for her own mother. The girl takes the letter to her grandmother, whom she has never met, disguised as someone else. The grandmother notices something is strange and realizes it is her granddaughter. Inside the letter is also a key. The key is to a box that holds forgiveness, secrets, and love.

The teenage girls late mother's last wish was to see her daughter and mother have a relationship. She and her own mother had not spoken in a very long time and the relationship was so strained that even the girls father despises the grandmother.

The girl decides that she will honor her mother's wishes and starts a relationship with her grandmother. But, there are so many secrets and mysteries surrounding the estranged relationships. The girl wants answers and the only way to find them is to ask hard questions.

I really enjoyed this preview. I look forward to the rest of the series. It was clean and family friendly. I hope you check it out for yourself. Go to and look into getting a monthly subscription for yourself!

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