Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Blessings of Unity (By: Richard T. Case)

Marriage is the most important relationship I will ever be in (besides the one I have with Jesus). My husband is my partner in life. He is my strength when mine is failing, he my rock when I am weak, he is my shoulder to cry on. He is my best friend. When we are at odds with each other it feels like everything else is going wrong too. The Blessings of Unity by Richard T. Case is a marriage saver. My marriage is not in trouble but we have very troubling times for sure. This new book gives you a Biblical perspective about divisiveness and unity.

No matter how "safe" you think your marriage is, no marriage is too good that issues arise that try to divide. Humans are, by nature, self-centered. We have a "me" attitude that says: I am right, you are wrong. That kind of thinking causes much heartache and separation. In The Blessings of Unity, Case gives us Biblical advice about how to love like Christ, especially toward our spouses. There are many blessings that come from marriage including walking in the Spirit. When we walk in the Spirit God is literally with us.

Creating Godly unity in marriage takes work. There are two key ideas that he focuses on in this book: 1. Abiding in the Vine and walking in the Spirit and 2. Learning and applying the concept of unity.

At the beginning of the book, the married couple is instructed to take a "test" of sorts. There are about 10 questions that are answered on a scale from 1-10. Each person gets there own section (one for the husband and one for the wife). Then, you discuss your answers with one another. This is where it gets tricky. Being honest about how calm your partner is during a disagreement is tough. Telling them they get defensive during an argument can be hard to hear. But, the truth must be told in order to reap the blessings that come from unity.

Case bases this book solely on scripture. He quotes the Bible very often throughout and gives examples as well. He guides you through evaluating your marriage (the first part I spoke about above), what division and discord are according to God's word, unity and the keys to unity. I think my favorite part was the chapter about "Unity Comes Through Abiding in the Word". If we don't base our marriages on God's word, we have nothing. He gave us the Bible as a guide to life and every relationship we will ever have.

Another very important part of this book is the chapter on "How to Handle Disagreements and Differences of Opinion". Yikes! This hit home for me. I am VERY opinionated. I have tried very hard to reel it in over the years but I have had many years of training in that department growing up. Handling disagreements in a Godly manner is so important. Humans want to win every battle and argument. As we become more unified, we will start to view these disagreements and differences in a new light. God can use these things to bring you closer than ever before to one another.

The author then goes on the give us ways to pray through unity. Praying is the most important way to connect with God and one another. It's our way of communicating with God. Praying with one another also makes us vulnerable. That can lead to a closeness that only God can provide. He also gives Biblical examples of unity. There are many examples of unity in the Bible. Some of them I was not even aware of and am thankful to have read this book to know them.

Richard Case closes his book with very simple instructions about the blessings that come from unity. He uses Psalm 133 as the premise that we should all be unified through Christ Jesus.

This book is very easy to read and understand. I gave me hope for future disagreements with my husband (as well as others). I learned a lot about what the Bible has to say about unity. A marriage is two people always forgiving one another. We are humans. We are sinful. But, with God's help (in which he tell us how to get in the Bible), we can over come our differences and love one another as Christ loves us.

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*Many thanks to Propeller Consulting for providing me with a copy of this book for review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

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