Monday, June 12, 2017

God Loves Daddy & Me (By: Bonnie Rickner Jensen) & A Giveaway!!

Books are a huge part of our lives here at Jensen Family Academy. We homeschool and a large part of that is reading. We read about every single thing we want to learn about. We also read a lot for pleasure. My youngest son is four and he loves board books still. Especially if they have animals in them. Bonnie Rickner Jensen's newest book God Loves Daddy & Me fulfills those requirements for him. Not to mention she has an awesome last name!

This little book brings so much love to small children. The illustrator, Laura Watkins, did a fantastic job with the pictures. The expressions are truly emotional. As I read this book to my four year old (and my six and eight year olds listened in), he began to ask questions about God and His love for us all.

The relationship between fathers and their children is such a special one. It is something that a mother cannot replace. Daddies do things differently than mommies. They go on more adventures and are more laid back (not always but in my personal experience). Fathers love their children differently as well. In her book, Jensen uses the unique ways that a father can show love to his children.

Each page comes to life and makes you feel good inside. The author includes God on every page and makes sure the reader knows that all love comes from God. Through the pictures you can tell that the father adores his child and the child looks up to his father just as we look up to God.

My family will treasure this book for a long time to come. Not many books are written like this and I plan to hold on to this one for when my children have children. It is such a special book.

FrontGate Media is giving away a copy of this book through this link:

You can purchase a copy through this link:

I hope you check it out to win a copy for your children or grandchildren.

*Many thanks to FrontGate Media for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

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This looks like a super-cute book - thanks for the review