Friday, June 2, 2017

The Best Pencil Sharpener I Have Ever Used (Classroom Friendly Supplies)

As a homeschool mom I am constantly searching for a really good pencil sharpener. I have three boys who love to write and draw all day long. We go through so many pencils I have lost count. We have had to throw out a lot of pencils as well, because other pencil sharpeners break the lead inside the pencil. I have invested a lot of money on cheaper sharpeners over the years.

About a month ago I was on Facebook and came across a link to Classroom Friendly Supplies ( It was a site for sore eyes. The pencil sharpeners on this website had rave reviews. I asked around in my homeschool circles and several people told me it was a must-have for homeschooling. I immediately ordered one. It took no time at all to receive it and we used it right away.

This pencil sharpener sharpens pencils with such precision. They are so sharp they look almost dangerous. Haha. The leads do not break very easily and don't get stuck inside the sharpener. My boys can use it with ease and they are 8, 6, and 4 years old. They actually look for things to sharpen now. We never have a dull pencil and even our colored pencils work better than ever.

The sharpener offered by Classroom Friendly Supplies is sold by an elementary school teacher who saw the need in classrooms. Typical sharpeners can be loud and disruptive to a classroom setting (even a homeschool setting). This one is quiet and reliable. It is also non-electric. Meaning, you crank it manually. So, anytime the power goes out or you are out and about with the kids, no worries. This sharpener is ready to go anywhere, anytime.

To top it off, Classroom Friendly Supplies donates $1 from the sale of every sharpener to build a school in a developing country. That is reason enough to purchase one right away. Also, they come in many different colors but if you purchase a Precious Pink sharpener a portion of the sales go toward cancer research and awareness. Such a wonderful idea.

The colors include:
  • Midnight Black
  • Cool Blue
  • Firehouse Red (which is the one I have above)
  • Groovy Green
  • Popular Purple
  • Precious Pink
  • Hello Yellow
Each sharpener comes with a very easy-to-use mount. You can mount it to any surface or take it with you anywhere. My kids move it from room to room so we don't mount ours. But, it would be very easy if we decide to do that eventually.

The Classroom Friendly Supplies Sharpener is very inexpensive as well. For only $24.99 each (plus free shipping and a 90 money back guarantee) you can have on of your own. But, if you are a teacher or homeschool mom and know others who would like one as well, you can order 3 of them for $17.99 each. It really is a great deal.

This is seriously the best homeschool purchase we have made all year.

Here is a link to a video all about the sharpeners. It is a neat video explaining how to use it.

I hope you check out these amazing sharpeners and add one to your school room. The kids will love being able to use it so easily.

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