Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Road to Paradise (By: Karen Barnett)

Karen Barnett has a passion for national parks and preserving the beauty of nature. Her newest book, The Road to Paradise (a vintage national parks novel), takes you on an adventure back in time. Back to the beginning of President Theodore Roosevelt vision for protected lands. He wanted generations to come to be able to enjoy the beauty that national parks behold.

In The Road to Paradise, it's 1927 and Margie Lane is an enthusiastic naturalist. She is the daughter of a Senator and wants nothing more than a position working alongside the park rangers at Mount Rainier. She lands the position and begins working to preserve and protect the great park.

Chief Ranger Ford Brayden has some very haunting memories of his father who died on this mountain. He doesn't like that a Senator's daughter was hired to help when she only has a few survival skills. He feels the need to keep a look out for her among all his other duties. He takes his job very seriously.

When Margie's fiancé, Philip, shows up to begin developing the Paradise Inn she becomes very upset. His plans will destroy the beautiful surroundings of the park. He wants so push his plans through no matter what his relationship with Margie may become.

In the end, Margie and Ford may have to sacrifice a lot in order to save Mount Rainier from the destruction that Philip has planned. All Philip can see is the dollar signs from the tourism the Paradise Inn will bring him. He can't see the beauty of nature that he will be tearing down.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was historical as well as a love story sprinkled in. I actually learned a lot about the preservation of national parks and the cost of many people. President Theodore Roosevelt had a great vision and it was brought to fruition by many people fighting for these parks. I highly recommend going to the parks that are here for our pleasure.

*Many thanks to Blogging For Books for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.*

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Good Timing, Miss Kristy!! We just read about geocaching and where some were located near our home - we are also looking into the painted rock searches, too - we LOVE parks and National Parks and nature -thanks for the blog post about it